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New Hampshires Fiddlehead magazine has featured us in their Jan/Feb 2019 staycation issue!

We are so excited and hope you will be too!

We are currently closed

  It deeply saddens me to say that we are closing SereniTea until its future becomes clearer.   The town of Wilton's elected  officials are not supportive of small businesses and we are being  suffocated in a no win situation, with never ending costly demands, no  understanding of compromise or preservation of history,  and moving of  the ultimate goal line into infinity. Life is too short to live battling  town officials, when all we wanted to do was provide a welcoming space  for a caring respite, warm hospitality and a place to gather for tea and  celebration of lifes special moments.   As most know, the property  has been listed for sale, but we have not yet found the perfect buyer  and caretaker for this special historic dwelling. We have many decisions  to make over the next months and will use this time to ponder our  journey and the direction we will take. We are considering other venues  that may be the next step for SereniTea, but for now we are taking a  pause to breathe and enjoy family and friends.  It's a shame this  special property will not be shared with many, as we had planned.  However, we are forever grateful for the wonderful friends we have made,  supportive guests that have stayed with us and those that enjoyed a  special time of tea.   We will continue to provide facebook updates on our  progress and share pictures and posts to keep us all connected.  

 May God bless you all during the holidays and the new year ahead! 


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